Victory Hymns

by Invisibles

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Made everywhere.
Constructed in Ayr, Scotland.
September and October 2011.


released December 9, 2011

The Invisibles are:
Aaron Williams
Alan McVicar
Catherine McVicar
Dan Mackinnon
David Dickie
Dawn Proudfoot
Diego Bonavida
Felicity Swainston
Gero von Werden
Grahame Smith
Iain Stewart
Jacob Lewins
Jason Summersgill
Joe Tetlow
JP Reid
Kelly Johnston
Laura Maciver
Louisa Swan
Luciana Paludetto
Mark Fisher
Martin McHale
Meg Ghyll
Nina Airtz
Peter Lewins
Robert Forsyth
Ruth Campbell
Scott Brown
Shaun Bucknole
Stefan Honig


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Invisibles Ayr, UK


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Track Name: The Bones
You are a star falling in
Reversed and collapsible
I am the bones on you crawl
Tethered, invincible

We are the makers of ghosts
That chase us in summertime
Dear enemy, my seasonal friend
I'll be with you until the end

All of my secrets you know
All my mistakes in a line
I am the bones on you

You said, "I am wounded
And I don't want to hurt anymore"
It's a crossed line not a victory sign
And we'll just keep on smiling
We'll just keep on smiling

I am the bones on you crawl
Tethered and invincible
Track Name: Boys On The Cross
The bear he sits in silence
Ponders his great loss
Why no one understands him
He's not one of us, not one of us
He scratches at his eyelids
Forgetting his sharp claws
The cuts recall old stories
Boys on the cross, boys on the cross

"I need my friends around me
My love and family
I run on blood and instinct
and all you have given me"

The kill came oh so swiftly
A blind-side, flash, surprise!
There's danger every corner
And fear in our eyes, fear in our eyes
The king in his great fortress
He needs someone to blame
We're all just dust and worry
Are we not the same, are we not the same?
Track Name: Witches In The River
The town awakens
To the sound of drums
The scream is whispered
But it never leaves the tongue
The rats they gather
And the mob descends
To watch the bloody murder
Of the brave and the innocent

The wolf he leaves a trail
Of his footsteps in the snow
Tell them what you've done
Tell them all you know
For truth was never kind
To the pioneers and thieves
Tell them you still care
Tell them you believe

The witch is in the river
And we are too late
Track Name: Without Horizons
We'll go out dancing
In fields of our childhood
At night when they're sleeping
Fly in through windows

We'll walk across rooftops
The streets we were made on
We'll sing in the stairwells
Love like our mothers

Go down to the river
Down to the river
We'll build a fortress
Black out the windows
With walls to the skyline
Walls to the skyline
Without horizons
Track Name: Blood On Our Flags
He wanted to be martyred
He needed to be king
It's survival of the fittest
Be damned your suffering

The killer hides among us
But look you have his gun
The peasants in the city
Will the gods become

The clown has found a diamond
His nimble fingers fit
Beneath our burning island
He chewed and toyed with it

Our hearts are filled with poison
Oh blessed are the sick
Keep the peasants dying
But god be done with it

Homes like prisons
Blood on our flags
Track Name: Put Down That Gun
I didn't wanna trouble you
I know you have your worries too
But lately there's trouble getting me down

I didn't wanna break your back
I know you had enough of that
But lately there's trouble getting me down

She'll break my fall before I break it all
Oh no, kill the ghosts I made so well
"Steady on", she says
"Put down that gun, I love you
And all the rest can go to hell"

I'm alright
Don't you worry about my head
I've been broken for so long
Track Name: Kenobi The Lion
You read me like a book
But I ripped those pages out
When my story took a turn for the worse
When it all seemed useless
And every night the harder I tried
I could not fall asleep

Sometimes I wanna burn this whole place down
Better than it being the other way round
It is the smell and it is the sound
There's a black hole
A black hole around the sun

And I want you to know
That I feel invisible
So here is my uncensored storyboard
The whole script
With all of the scenes I should've edited out

I disappeared they're telling me
Your lion has a need to kill the bad things
This is what they're telling me
I cannot listen to the leaves
When all the others sing
Track Name: Killing The Sun
There once was a soldier
Who lived by the bottle
Eyes like a shark
Always ready for battle

Pockets of silver
All for his pleasure
Never the stranger
To fortune and glamour

Never to fall, never to forsake
All that he loves, all the mistakes
Never meant to hurt anyone
Chasing the moon, killing the sun

The spark of the island
Where he was ascending
Such glory and wonder
Amidst the pretending
Track Name: Captain Of The Flies
Wait for me lover
The white horses rise
The sun and moon surrender
To the captain of the flies

Yes you always taught me
To forever be sincere
Now my wicked head screams
It's a carnival in here
It's a carnival

Witches in the river
And we are too late

The truth is you can have it all
It just depends
How far you're willing to fall
Track Name: The Miracle Cure
Behold the terror
Oh the wolf is at the door
Behind that friendly smile
A demon to the core

And we can't run this time
We can't run anymore

You want to leave this town
And move to the city

Maybe you will feel better someday
Maybe you can move on
Maybe when all your ghosts are silent

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